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New Website for James' water polo team

So, I took my camera to my son James' water polo practice on the 19th, and while there snapping away and getting some great photos of all the kids, I decided I needed a new place to store these photos.

Oh, and how about a place for team announcements? And other items related to the team.

I took it upon myself to create a new domain name and website for the Kimball High School Water Polo team (http://khs-h2opolo.com/)

New Website

I have retired the old Mightywings.com Business style website and adopted it as my own. Since I was the only one using it anyway. The reason behind this was, anytime I told anyone to go to my URL, http://www.mightywings.com/~edf/ they would inevitably type in http://www.mightywings.com and press enter before I could tell them ~ (tilde) e d f, and that would take them to a business looking website, this way. all I have to say is Mightywings.com, and you're here.


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