Killer moonrise

Rather the go on my normal Monday Night Ride, I decided to head down there in my truck, show off my new camera and possibly get some pictures.

And rather then following my friends out to dinner I went off on my own, up skyline and decided to take some pictures of the lights from there.

Shortly after I got there the moon began to rise over the eastern horizon.

I wasn't able to capture it in it's deep red state, but I was able to capture this image. I love this camera.

Group Snowboarding

I am in the processes of trying to organize a group season pass purchase for snowboard lift tickets at sierra and northstar.

Here are the IM conversations that I was having.

If you know anyone who'd be interested in a Pass have them get ahold of me.

Last night's Monday Night Ride

What an intense ride, that was so much fun.

Here is the route we took

There was one turn where I went in a little too hot, was at the DY, couldn't see around the corner and was already hauled over, the bike was somewhat unstable going in, and I was very unsure of the situation and didn't want to roll on. Luckily training kicked back in and said, don't break roll on slowly and lean more, I made it.

Later Dave hit a deer after leaving us to go home on Summit from Bear Creek. No damage to him or his bike

A great ride, and I hope we get more like it in soon

Bike is Getting Fixed

I took my motorcycle to Eastbay Motorsports on Wednesday due to the charging system not working. The bike would run just fine for about an hour, then die and not start.

The stator was bad. It's getting fixed under the extended warrenty YAY!!!I should have taken it in back at the begining of July when it first broke :(

I should have my bike back some time next week, then I should be able to get the counter shaft cover fixed.

I'm so excited, can't wait to get it back.


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