My tree fell down

An interesting occurance just happed, I went to go pick up dinner, and when I came back, one of the tree's in my front yard fell down. There where kids playing in it. They said it just happened, they heard it cracking and it just fell.

New TV

Spent the day rearranging my house and moving this HUGE TV into my family room.

I've been wanting a big screen TV for about 3 or 4 years and now I have one. I'ld like to thank Mike for selling me the TV and also helping me move it, as well as Stafano and Mike's Friend Paul.

Thanks guys.

Here's the pictures, I'm going to go watch it now.

New Website

I have retired the old Business style website and adopted it as my own. Since I was the only one using it anyway. The reason behind this was, anytime I told anyone to go to my URL, they would inevitably type in and press enter before I could tell them ~ (tilde) e d f, and that would take them to a business looking website, this way. all I have to say is, and you're here.


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