Gallery coming soon

So now that I have merged my two websites (my personal blog) and my "Professional Photography" site to create a site which is both Photography and Information Security, as well as maintain a personal blog; I am looking for a "good" photo gallery package that will fit well, or directly plug into this new infrastructure.

Rode to Portland and Back

So on Friday, after work I decided to go for a ride up to Portland to visit a friend on his 30th birthday and surprise him. I spent 10 hours on the bike leaving at 3:20PM Friday after work. Then on Sunday I turned around and made the same trip back. Wow that was a long time to be on a bike. 1350 miles, and 20 hours in 3 days. I think that officially qualifies as IronButt

New Bike

I finally got a new bike. A couple weeks ago I was in an accident, and the insurance company totaled my bike. Now I have a new one. I am really digging this new ride. I have about 55 miles on it so far.

Another new Hosting provider

So I decided I didn't like shared virtual hosting, the load on the web server was too high and it was taking too long for my pages to load.

Dynamic content and all, so I moved my site to a new dedicated managed hosting provider, this one is near Miami Florida.

We'll see how this goes.

Lots of things have been going on lately, and I've just been too busy to keep this thing updated...


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