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Submitted by Edward on Mon, 09/26/2011 - 17:41

Starting this coming Saturday, October 1st I begin taking classes again at Western Governor's University.

This will be my second attempt at starting a degree at an online university. The first was through Capella. And as I'm writing this blog entry, there is an advert for Capella right here.

The reason I was not successful with Capella was that the course I took was dependent on time spent "in class". As well as dependent on group projects.

During the "group" portion of the class, my two partners effectively quit going, and in order for my to get credit, I had to at least do my part. But my part was dependent on their parts.

According to everything I've read about WGU, and after talking with their admissions counselors, there are no group projects, and I don't need to waste time writing blogs and commenting on other students blogs about a particular subject for weeks on end before I can move forward. Instead if I can prove I know a subject and am competent in that subject, I move along.

This sounds exactly like what I am looking for.

I don't want to bad mouth Capella, as I didn't really give it a chance, all I'm saying is it wasn't for me. At WGU they say I can work at my own pace, and that's for me. Once I understand something, don't keep bashing that subject on me, I will get bored and stop paying attention. Same as elementary school.

They say the average time spent on a degree from start to finish is 9 terms (4.5 years). I then asked them what the record is. I intend to beat it.


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