New Dell Mini (netbook)

Just received my new Dell mini 10v (netbook).

This device is pretty cool. Very light, small, yet big enough that I can do work and post to the website.

I am in the process of customizing the device. I will probably install Windows 7 when it becomes available.

Dell shipped the mouse a week before shipping the main computer, then waited 2 days to ship the DVD player. (grrr)

New Project

The contract I am working has asked me to make recommendations to their plans for building a new web infrastructure which supports PCI data. I am looking forward to presenting my recommendations in a few days.

I will also make the article available here.

I am also working on their IDS/IPS system, should be fun.

Galleries up / ISACA meeting

So, I purchased Simple Image Gallery PRO from last night after using the demo for my new website.

The cool thing about this is I can use this on any article/post and create great feature images using the front-end.

As for today's ISACA meeting, the presentation was pretty good on Database Security and Audit. There were some interesting statistics during the presentation.

84% of companies believe that their database security is adequate, of those something like 54% will have a breach or something like that.

Gallery coming soon

So now that I have merged my two websites (my personal blog) and my "Professional Photography" site to create a site which is both Photography and Information Security, as well as maintain a personal blog; I am looking for a "good" photo gallery package that will fit well, or directly plug into this new infrastructure.

Rode to Portland and Back

So on Friday, after work I decided to go for a ride up to Portland to visit a friend on his 30th birthday and surprise him. I spent 10 hours on the bike leaving at 3:20PM Friday after work. Then on Sunday I turned around and made the same trip back. Wow that was a long time to be on a bike. 1350 miles, and 20 hours in 3 days. I think that officially qualifies as IronButt

New Bike

I finally got a new bike. A couple weeks ago I was in an accident, and the insurance company totaled my bike. Now I have a new one. I am really digging this new ride. I have about 55 miles on it so far.


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