Bike is Getting Fixed again

So I took my bike to the shop this morning rather than just buying a new battery so I can get my brakes looked at as well as to make sure the KIPASS system is still ok. While there it was pointed out that both my tires are at a point where they should be replaced. 

So here's the things that are being replaced right now.

  • new Bridgestone Battleaxe BT-023 tires
  • Yuasa Battery
  • OEM Break Pads 

I'm also having the dongle installed from a new Battery Tender, that was $39.00.

I could install this dongle myself, as well as the battery and even the brakes. But I don't have the tools to mount or balance tires in my home garage. So since I am having those put on, I figured it's just as easy to have the rest of the work done at the same time.

Hopefully it will be smooth as butter again when I get it back this evening.

The weather is amazing right now, 76° at my house, blue sky.

And now that my office is almost done, and the price of gas at $4.05/gal for regular and my trucks drinking up at 12 and 14 miles / gallon, having the bike sip up super at 35 miles / gallon with my riding style, it's the perfect time to have this done.