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Submitted by Edward on Tue, 08/16/2011 - 12:28

Yesterday was the first day of school here in Tracy. My older two are both in High School now. My wife was having some difficulty getting Cassie registered for high school as the office was closed whenever she tried to go there. And they weren't registered at the end of last year because she didn't have the TDaP booster shot yet which is required by California state law.

So yesterday my wife goes to the office and attempts to register our daughter for classes and is given the run around saying that she doesn't have everything she needs. Back and forth to the school several times. All the documentation is in order, and Cassie would have gone to this school anyway as a freshman, so they should already have all her transcripts, records and such.
After all the running around, she was quite upset, which I understand. This morning I take Cassie to the office at 9:20 and she was enrolled and we were home by 10:00. She doesn't have a schedule yet, but all the documentation they wouldn't take yesterday was fine when I took it today and her schedule will be available first thing tomorrow.
How is it that this can take her all day and not get it accomplished and it takes me less than 40 minutes to get everything sorted? This is not a knock on my wife, she is very intelligent, knows what she is doing and had everything in order. No, instead this is a knock on the secretarial administration of the school. Yes, sexism is still alive and well here in 2011. While in the office, I heard this first hand as another student's mother was attempting to deal with the administration office as well. 
Tracy Unified School District and Administrators of John C. Kimball High School, you might want to have your office administration take some discrimination and sensitivity training for dealing with parents equally.


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